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Why Responding to Comments Matters

The comments on your social media posts can be a wonderful place where you can interact with your followers and build a genuine connection with them. Even though there are different social rules while online than in real life, it would be generally considered rude to not respond to a thoughtful comment. Imagine if you were face to face, and someone complimented your outfit, would you respond with gratitude or with radio silence? Nobody likes to feel ignored, so even if it’s an emoji or a “Thanks!”, it’s a good rule of thumb to respond to comments when possible.


If you have established a good relationship with your followers, then they will most likely tell you what they want to see more or less of on your page. If you’re a video content creator, maybe this will be a request to make more trendy videos like those on TikTok. If you’re on Youtube, they may offer critique on how you write information in the description below the video. Maybe you’re on Instagram posting your art, and your followers love seeing your “Throwback Thursday” posts. With their feedback in mind, you’ll be able to post those consistently every week, filling a need from your fans.

Give Back:

If you are serious about growing and engaging with your followers, then you should offer something in return for their time. Lots of influencers today will make “merch” that their followers can buy. If that isn’t your thing, then maybe you can do a “Live – Ask Me Anything” session. These are great ways for your followers to ask questions that may be a bit random or personal. If you haven’t done so already, try to change the way in which you think about your social media, as a give and take. The more you thoughtful give to those who follow you, the more you will receive in return. 

The bottom line is that your audience matters, and being open to constructive feedback can push your content in exciting and new directions. As great as social media can be for building your brand and business, it should also be fun for you to use. Try to listen to the feedback you are getting in the comments and direct messages, and you’ll be on your way to growing your reach.