Video Looping 101

In this video, I explain how to loop videos.

Creating a continuous loop on your videos can increase engagement because it causes the viewer to watch your video more than once. You can use loops to creatively confuse the viewer about where the videos begin and end, sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to keep watching.

Most video platforms automatically replay videos (as a way to boost their overall engagement), so you don’t need to do anything with settings or filters.  Loops require some forethought, however, as your last shot needs to set up the beginning of the video.

Record your video as normal. But when you get to the very last shot, you should take the last sequence and add it to the beginning.

For example, if you’re showing someone how to bake a cupcake, you might show, in order, the ingredients, the step-by-step process of building the recipe, then show the cupcakes going in and out of the oven, putting the icing on, and, finally, presenting the finished cupcake.

If you want to create a continuous loop, instead of ending your video with the finished cupcake, you should edit off the ending and put it onto the beginning of your video.

This way, the video starts with you presenting the finished cupcake and then going through the rest of the process. And then icing the cupcake will be the last frame before the loop returns the viewer to the finished product.

Ultimately, if you do this little trick of putting the final scene at the front of the video, you can take any video and make it into an endless loop.

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