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Using Voice Commands on the iPhone

A brief tutorial on the voice command function.

I get asked often how I’m able to record so many videos on social media. Well, it’s partially because I love it, and doing what you love is easy. And I also have decades of experience in the film and commercial industry, so I’m happy and delighted to share everything I know for the next generation of creators using social media to tell their stories. But there’s a third reason why I’m able to do things quickly. It’s a big secret.

Okay, it’s not: it’s setting up and using the voice commands on TikTok to multi-task and use the phone hands free when you are doing things like scrolling.

Here’s my latest tutorial that can help you master the voice command, so you too can find inspiration quicker and record faster.

As with my previous phone-based tutorials, I am using an iPhone, but you can likely find similar instructions for the Android.

First, go to settings and select “Accessibility.”

Then scroll down and select “Voice Control” (if you don’t have it already selected).

You need to then set up individual prompts by “Setting Up Voice Control” and click “Customized Commands.”

Here you need to say the word you want to be the prompt (I give the example of “Next” which will be my prompt for scrolling).

Then you need to click “Customize Gesture,” which requires you to demonstrate the thing you want to the command to do – in this case, when I say “Next,” I want to scroll down, so I need to demonstrate the scrolling action on my phone.

If you only want this prompt to power a specific app – like, say, TikTok, you can select that app – to localize the voice command to only TikTok.

And there you have it. Of course, that’s only scratching the surface. Here’s some more use cases from Apple.

And if you have any voice commands you love, let me know in the comments.