How to Use Green Screen

Using green screen effects on social media is a great way to show something on screen behind you while talking about it.

Using green screen effects on social media is a great way to show something on screen behind you while talking about it.

Before diving in, it's helpful to understand a bit about how green screen technology works. Prior to social media apps, filmmakers would shoot something on a bright green background. During the professional editing process, the green background would be replaced with an image or video. When this technology was first introduced, it was important that the subject in front of the green screen was not also wearing green or it would also disappear.

But the technology has evolved and improved! Using green screen in social media apps has nothing to do with the color green at all! It is simply the name of the effect where an app removes the background behind a subject and replaces it with another image or video.

How to Use Green Screen Effects

This post will cover the 2 basic green screen effects in TikTok and Instagram: photo green screen and video green screen.

Here are some helpful tips for recording with the green screen effects:

  • Make sure your lighting is good on your face. This will help the app have an easier time separating you from the room you are in, allowing the background to be replaced cleanly.

  • Consider standing away from a wall, but also not in front of a background that is similar in color to you or what you are wearing. This will also help the app make a better separation.

  • When you turn on the green screen effect, walk around the room with your phone to see where the best separation is created. You will see that you might appear hazy around the edges depending upon the lighting or background, so moving around to find an optimum spot is a good strategy.

  • Take whatever background photo or video you plan to use and place the content in an album on your phone. This will make it quickly accessible so you don't have to scroll to find it.

Each app has a different icon for the green screen effects. Here is the tutorial which demonstrates the TikTok Photo Green Screen

TikTok Photo Green Screen Tutorial

In Instagram, there are various choices for the basic green screen photo effect. The tutorial below demonstrates how to use the Instagram Photo Green Screen:

Instagram Photo Green Screen Tutorial

Taking things even further, you can get very creative using the video green screen effect on TikTok and Instagram!This will allow you to have a moving video playing behind you. It can be a useful creative tool for enhancing your content.

Using the green screen video effect on TikTok can be challenging. When you select the effect and choose your video, it will play continuously in the background. It may seem confusing, but when you hit the record button, it plays the video from the beginning. If you speak in the foreground, you'll have to be mindful of the audio in your background video. You will be able to adjust the volume, but it's not always ideal when 2 things are playing at the same time, so plan ahead.

The tutorial below demonstrates how to use the video green screen effect on Tiktok.

TikTok Video Green Screen Tutorial

Not many people are aware that there is a video green screen effect on Instagram. To find it, you'll have to use the search function. Once you select your media and add it, the video will loop in the background. There is one challenging thing about working with this Instagram feature. When you hit record, the background video does not play from the beginning. So you'll have to time the press of the record button with the looping video!

The tutorial below demonstrates how to use the video green screen effect on Instagram.

Instagram Video Green Screen Effect

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