TwoJays Take On TikTok

If you still think TikTok is for teens, our story will hopefully convince you otherwise!

Jimmy and I met and dated in our teen years, long before cell phones and social media!

We’ve been married since 1973, and we’ve always enjoyed dancing together. We took Ballroom dance lessons over 20 years ago, and we’d been attending a social dance each week ever since.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown in April 2020 we saw a friend post a TikTok dancing video on Facebook so we immediately joined the platform to be a part of the fun dancing app!

It was energizing to learn the steps and figure out to use the Tiktok to search for a dance trend, choose the music, practice the dance, hit those beats, add a clever caption and post it!

That first video did well so we decided to make another, and we just kept it going as part of our lockdown routine. TikTok gave us something to look forward to as the days turned into weeks. As we danced our way through the first lockdown, little did we know what we were in for!

Within a few months, we had a significant following. Our followers looked forward to our videos to brighten their days in quarantine and it was so much fun to read and respond to the positive comments.

After one of our TikToks went viral, we gained 36,000 followers in one day!  It was overwhelming and at the same time exhilarating to experience the response from all over the world. We have followers from the USA, UK, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Russia, Germany etc.

We are grateful for the support and encouragement, and we get a lot of the same people who comment on our videos and it’s like seeing friends daily within our content.

Our account is definitely all about positivity; if we can brighten the day of anyone who follows us, and that’s what many of them tell us, then it makes it all worthwhile. We also get a lot of satisfaction reading the supportive feedback.

We enjoy sharing our personal story on Tiktok and I make a point of going through all the comments and I reply to as many as possible. I feel that is very important. I think if people take the time to leave comments, then it’s only fair to read them.

But with over 1.2 million followers now, sometimes we get thousands of comments on one video, and it can be impossible to actually reply to them all.

Dancing is our thing; sometimes we follow a dance trend that is already on the platform, other times we choose music we like, and make up our own steps to it. We have lots of laughs practicing, and it’s great exercise.  People often do ‘duets’ to our videos which is so much fun to see, and we post about three videos a week.

We really do enjoy the connections and friendships that have come from TikTok.  We even attended the wedding of a young TikTok follower recently!

We have two sons and a grandson, and are now fully retired. Jimmy plays golf regularly and I attend a Zumba class once a week because I just love dancing!  We both enjoy walking and of course TikTok’ing!

So if you still think TikTok is for teens, think again and maybe you’ll duet with us soon!

Joan & Jimmy@twojays2 on TikTok

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