TikTok Text Timing Tip

This helpful tip for timing your text on TikTok is a huge time-saver, especially if your video content is on the longer side

This helpful tip for timing your text on TikTok is a huge time-saver, especially if your video content is on the longer side. Normally, when you add text in TikTok and want it to only remain on for part of your video, the process is time-consuming. The process involves pressing on the text and using the drop down menu to ‘set duration’. Then sliding the sliders to adjust the time. The problem is that this method requires you to wait for the video to loop around again and again to make any adjustments to the text. But there is a way to work more efficiently using the editing tools on TikTok.

The tutorial below demonstrates how to use the editing tool to adjust the text timings:
Some helpful tips to keep in mind
  • Adding captions to your speaking video allows you to find your place in the video quicker without having to hit “play” each time

  • Using two fingers to magnify the timeline while editing is a great way to make your text timing more accurate

  • With the timeline open, you can scroll along and see exactly when and where your text is going off and on without watching the video play over and over in real time

  • You can simply slide the ends of the text timeline to change the timing

  • Easily pop in and out of the editing interface by clicking done or tapping the edit icon

Why is it important to use text?

Since TikTok is now a searchable platform, adding text helps your content be discoverable using SEO. Having keywords in your text to describe the subject of your content will make it more likely to appear in a search. If you prefer not to show the text, you can make it small and slide it off screen.

Placing the text so you can point to it on screen is another popular TikTok trick. Timing your text and placing it where you point is covered in this tutorial.

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