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Slow It Down With This Instagram Reels Tutorial

This tutorial is all about celebrating how fabulous you are. The speed function gives you the opportunity to do a slow-down walk (among other things) to make you feel like the bad b-tch. Bonus: This tutorial also shows you how to save audio from a previous video to use for another one.

Here’s how it’s done.

As I show you in the tutorial above, it will require you to film two different parts. The setup and the slow walk.

If you want to use previously recorded audio, click the square on the bottom right side of a previous TikTok, and click use audio (see photo below) – or save if you don’t know how you’ll use that audio right away.

Then click the timer function to set how long your first video recording will be. This is where I used the audio to set up the “slow walking” part of the clip.

Then, once you’ve finished recording the first part, you can record the second “slowed down” part. Select the timer again and choose how slow you want the recording to go. When you hit record, you should act as normal; the video playback will take care of the slow motion.

Check the playback to make sure everything is synced correctly and then publish the video. This is where you can let your creativity fly. Have fun with it!