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Record a Multiple Character TikTok

Hi, friends, Helen here, your “TikTok teacher” with a new technique to share for those of you who might be already using TikTok, but what to level up a bit and start creating some of the same kind of content that you might be seeing on your FYP (For You Page)! 

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself talking to yourself at least once during all of the time we’ve all spent alone at home recently. Here’s fun way to talk to yourself that is actually acceptable, because it’s a TikTok trend!

Multiple Character TikToks are great ways to bring to life humorous inner dialogues (or  arguments) with yourself. Remember those old cartoons with the angel and devil appearing on a character’s shoulder?

In the steps below, I’m going to show you an easy way to record and edit a scene in which you play 2 (or more characters) in a simple conversation without having to change your clothes multiple times. ‘Cause who wants to be changing in and out of clothes all afternoon? Not me!

The ways you can use this editing trick are endless. Use it to express your inner Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde or stage a battle between all of the personalities in your head (any Michael Keaton Multiplicity fans out there?) Have a conversation with your younger self and tell them all of the things you wish you had known. Hold out for that better job, stay in school, don’t get that matching tattoo with your ex-boyfriend! 

Here. . . we . . . gooooo! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Set up

  1. Write out a simple script involving two characters exchanging a few short lines of dialogue that you can easily refer to while you are recording.

  2. Put your phone on a tripod or somewhere where it’s going to be steady.

Step 1 – Record Character One’s Lines 

During this first step, you are going to record all of Character One’s lines, in sequence, looking at the left side of the screen, stopping and starting between each line.

  1. Start a TikTok by pressing the plus sign at the bottom of the app.

  2. Look at the left side of the screen and click the red circle to record your first line. As soon as you are done with the first line, click the red circle again to pause the recording. Continue recording Character One’s lines in this manner, starting and stopping the recording until you are done with the entire script.

Note: You can also use a timer for this to set an endpoint for each segment if you’d like to work hands-free, but in instances where the lines are short, it’s probably not necessary. 

Step 2: Record Character Two’s Lines

  1. This is the moment to change your costume and to become Character Two. It could be as simple as parting your hair on the other side or putting on a hat. 

  2. Follow the steps above, but this time look at the right side of the screen when you record your lines. 

Note: If you are playing more than 2 characters in the scene, you can repeat this process again by switching to another costume and picking a slightly different spot on the camera to look at. This will help distinguish which characters are which and create the illusion that they are all slightly different.

Step 3: Re Sequence the clips into the proper order

  1. Click the red check mark in the lower right corner of the app.

  2. Click the “Adjust clips” icons in the upper right corner. It’ll be the second one from the top and the icon is square with a vertical line running through it. This will bring up an editing window.

  3. At the bottom, you will see all of the clips you have just recorded. You can re-order the clips by pressing on each box and “sliding” it into the appropriate place. The order should alternate back and forth — Character One, Character Two, Character One, Character Two, etc.

  4. Click “SAVE” in the upper right-hand corner and watch what you have created.

  5. From here you can keep editing by adding sounds, effects, text, and stickers.

Step 4: Post and Share

  1. Complete the steps to post your TikTok

  2. Tag me in your TikTok’s so I can take a look! (@themuthership) 

  3. Have fun and see who responds, comments, and “likes” what you share.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Tag me in your TikTok’s so I can take a look! 



Helen Polise is the CEO and founder of Socialize and the owner and director of a production company that creates content for TV commercials and digital advertising for well-known brands including Blistex, Sensodyne, NFL Alumni, Odor Eaters, and more. You can say hello to her on TikTok as @themuthership where she has attracted 500k+ followers and 1.9 million “likes” from people across the age spectrum by providing instructional content. 


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