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If you have a podcast and you’re not posting it on YouTube, you are missing a big potential opportunity.

If you have a podcast and you’re not posting it on YouTube, you are missing a big potential opportunity. YouTube is now the top platform for accessing podcasts for podcast listeners at 49% monthly penetration – topping Spotify’s 41% — formally adding podcasts to YouTube as a podcast playlist can help migrate those audiences and improve the listening experience. It really is so important to post your podcast to YouTube!

Here are the steps!

If you’re already posting your podcast to YouTube, make sure you have categorized it as a podcast playlist. Follow these step to make sure you podcast is uploaded correctly:

  • Go to the YouTube Studio and click to upload a video. You’ll notice that there is an option to create a podcast.

  • When you click that, it brings up 2 choices: Create a new podcast or Set an existing playlist as a podcast.

  • If you have not yet uploaded your podcast, choose the first option.

  • If you have a playlist already with your podcast videos, choose the second option.

  • You will be taken through the steps to upload a square thumbnail for the podcast and name it, etc.

  • As you upload each new episode, you can assign a dedicated thumbnail for that video and you simply add the episode to the playlist which will put it into the YouTube podcast channel.

  • Remember to add keywords to give your podcast a better chance to be discovered.

  • You can schedule the post for a specific time or publish it immediately.

  • Even if you don’t want to be ‘on video’, it’s helpful to record a video of your podcast and you can easily edit it with an edit app like CapCut.

Video tutorial for uploading your podcast to YouTube

The tutorial below will take you through the steps on how to upload it properly so you are maximizing your visibility.

Why I Love Podcasting!

I am so surprised at how much I have enjoyed podcasting! I was initially resistant when my daughter Juli suggested it, but my gosh I am hooked! We are a mother-daughter duo and have approached it from that standpoint – it’s our personal chat about life, relationships, travel, family, current events, challenges and so much more. It’s so different from my other social media content because it allows time to get deep into a subject and often times we work things out between each other while we are recording!

We were hesitant about posting the podcast to YouTube until our studio engineer told us the stats! We were not about to miss out, so I immediately learned the steps about how to post a podcast to YouTube correctly and it immediately got views there!

Check out Yours Truly with Helen and Juli!

If you would like to learn more about how to create a podcast, drop a comment below. And if you are interested in hearing ours, it’s called Yours Truly with Helen and Juli and can be found by a quick search wherever you listen to your podcasts or click here to go directly! For the daily updates on our topics and posts, we can be found on Instagram @yourstruly.thepodcast

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