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Pointing to Text on Screen Tutorial

Ever wonder how people manage to effortlessly point to text on screen on TikTok? It’s actually quite easy if you know the secret.  Which I share below!

  1. First record your main video where you do your pointing. Point as many times as you would like to have the text and try to point in different directions, so the text has a space to go to.

  2. Then click the text button and write out your various texts, using the style guide to find the right color, background and font. Click done for each text box and slide it to the rough position you want it in. Repeat for each one.

  3. Once you have the boxes in the rough position you want them, you need to set the timer for when each one appears.

  4.  Tap the first one and click “set duration.” Find the right spot by manipulating the slider to the right moment. You also need to decide if the text will stay on screen until the end or only appear for as long as you want it to.

  5.  Tap the next piece of text and repeat until you’ve selected a time they all should appear by.

  6. Run through the video one time to make sure the words appear at the right time.

And that’s it. Remember, you need to record the video where you’re pointing first. Then you overlay the text on screen. Enjoy and please tag me in any videos you create!