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Managing TikTok Drafts With the Grid Format

I’ve gotten a lot of comments from Socialize users about their TikTok drafts now showing up in a grid format like below. It makes it a little more difficult to manage a lot of drafts, but I’ve made this helpful tutorial to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you want to label them so you can find a draft in the future

Most of you, like me, used to label your drafts in the captions of each video. But the new TikTok drafts grid view doesn’t show captions so it’s hard to know which video is which unless you identify it by the preview image. After some experimentation, I think the best solution is to use the text on screen to label the draft. Put up a big block of text that describes the video to easily know which video is which when you’re scrolling through the drafts.

If you want to delete a TikTok draft

Just click select, highlight the one you want to delete, and then click delete. And you’re done.

Editing a draft

If you want to go back and change something in a draft, it’s hard to change anything if you recorded the video in one block. But if you recorded two pieces, it’s relatively easy to delete one of them. All you need to do is open the video, click the backbutton, click continue recording, and then you can delete one of the recordings. You can put it right back into drafts by clicking next and then saving it to drafts again like that. This is a good reminder that if you’re doing a longer video that it’s sometimes better to break the recording into multiple videos, so you can easily re-record or delete one section.

Screen record your TikTok for another medium

To do this, you want to make sure you eliminate all of the draft tools so they don’t show up in the recording. Once you select a draft, click next and click the full-screen option, which removes all of the on-screen icons. This gives you a nice clean screen from which you can record to place on other social and video platforms.