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Keeping up with the Instagram Reels features can be challenging. When the app updates, occasionally some of the features move around.

Keeping up with the Instagram Reels features can be challenging. When the app updates, occasionally some of the features move around. You might think “my volume button is gone”, but actually it just moved to a different screen. Here are some handy tutorial reviews which show how certain features can now be accessed.

Adjusting Volume

When you record a speaking video and want to add music, it’s helpful to lower the volume on the added music so that your voice can be heard. If you don’t adjust volume, your engagement will suffer as viewers will immediately scroll. The same goes for uploading a video that has sounds you would like included even after adding music.

The tutorial linked below will help you find the volume controls so you can make sure you are heard!

Recording a VoiceOver

Another button that has be re-located is the VoiceOver control! If you like to create day-in-the-life videos or slide shows with a commentary, the VoiceOver feature can be so helpful. The key is to record in segments, so if you make a mistake, you can simply delete the last line with the error, rather than you start over completely. The VoiceOver record button is also located along the top near the volume control. Once you get used to seeing it there, you won’t even remember where it used to be

The tutorial below provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to record a VoiceOver.

Adding Sound Effects to Reels

One of the most under-used features on reels is the in-app sound effects! To be honest, I had not even noticed the sound effects feature until I was filming the above tutorial about the VoiceOver! Yes, it even eluded the content teacher herself This easy-to-use tool can add some pop to any video if used strategically. What’s helpful is that you can add the effects even if you have added music to your Reel. Add an applause to highlight a product launch, place some violins to dramatize a beautiful scene, ring the doorbell to add to your storytelling! They are so easy to use and you can view the demonstration in the video below:

As always, if you are doing a speaking video, it’s helpful to add auto-captions to make your content more accessible.

At Socialize, we want you to have fun with many different features so you don’t get bored with creating content. We’d love to support your videos when you use the tips, so don’t forget to tag @hellosocialize so we can come and show you some love.

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