How to Use Threads

If you’re wondering about the new Meta app called Threads, here’s how to set it up and how to use it!

If you’re wondering about the new Meta app called Threads, here’s how to set it up and how to use it! This will also explain how to manage your notifications as well as how to manage multiple Threads accounts on your device.

But first, what is Threads? If you are familiar with Twitter, Threads is the Meta version of the Twitter app. If you are not a Twitter user, think of Threads as Instagram turned upside down! Your Threads posts are comprised of quotes or statements you write and you can leave it at that, or you can add a photo, a video, or a link to support your thoughts. It’s as though the caption on your Instagram post is now the main event, and a photo, video or link is added to support it.

The interaction on Threads is a bit different as it becomes quickly conversational rather than just ‘comments’ on a post. Often you will find yourself as a voyeur in the banter of folks having a full conversation in the post thread, which is likely where the app got its name.

If you’re intrigued and haven’t yet taken the leap, here are the steps to get started. Be aware that once you download the app and link it to your Instagram, you will not be able to completely delete Threads without affecting your Instagram account. You can deactivate it, but deleting it completely is more involved. In other words, read the fine print on the terms and agreements if that is a concern.

To get started on Threads, go to the app store and download the app. If you already use Instagram, the set up is quick and easy, with the following steps.

Watch this tutorial for a full demonstration or skip to the steps listed below it:
Steps to get started on Threads:
  • When you open the app, it immediately recognized your Instagram account, so click and proceed.

  • You can choose to simply copy all the information from your Instagram account, or you can start fresh.

  • Choose whether you want your account to be public or private. Just as it works in Instagram, if your account is private, you will have to approve or deny people who ask to follow you.

  • It will prompt you about whether you want to follow all the same people, or you can start fresh.

  • Once you get to your profile page, you will have nothing posted at first, but this is where your posts will appear.

  • Note the Instagram icon at the top right – this will take you directly to your Instagram app.

  • When in Instagram, note the little @ with the number under your username. This tells others that you are on Threads and if they tap, they will be taken directly to your Threads profile.

  • To start a post, click the ‘write’ icon in the bottom middle and type your post.

  • You can paste a link right into your post which usually places a thumbnail image into your post.

  • Click the paper click if you want to attach a photo, video or gif that you have saved in your phone.

If you look at your notifications (the heart icon along the bottom) you’ll notice across the top you can view all notifications together, or sort by replies, mentions and verified followers.

Tapping on the home icon will take you to your Threads feed and this is where you’ll see posts from people you’re following and people you’re not following. You can just tap on the username and determine if you want to follow the person.

To ensure that you see posts from your followers first, you can set this up this in your profile settings as shown in this step by step tutorial, or skip to the steps listed below it:

Steps to customize your notifications on Threads:

  • Click on your profile, tap the 2 lines at the top right which takes you to your settings.

  • Tap on “Notifications”

  • Choose “Threads and replies”

  • Scroll down to where is says “First threads” and choose “From people you know”

  • This will allow you to see Threads posts from your followers first and then everyone else as well

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, you can also manage multiple Threads accounts! Here’s how to add them if you missed it in the tutorial above and how you can quickly go back and forth between Threads accounts.

  • Make sure you’re on your profile, then click the two lines at the top to take you to your settings.

  • Scroll down and click “logout” which will take you out of your main account.

  • Click “switch accounts” and the other Instagram accounts on your phone will appear.

  • Go through the steps to add that account as you did for your main account.

  • Once added, it’s easy to toggle back and forth.

  • Go to the profile, tap the two lines, log out and choose the account you want.

The ability to see who you are following and who follows you might seem elusive at first. Go to your profile and below your bio you will see the number of followers you have. Tapping on that light grey number of followers shown below will take you to your followers list.

At Socialize, we love social media and we’re excited to see Threads evolve. If you love to share your thoughts in words, Threads is a platform you’ll want to try! Don’t feel pressure to post right away if you’d prefer to scroll the feed and see how others are using the platform. Once you feel comfortable, get threading!

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