How to Use Instagram Story

What’s the Story with the Instagram Story?

Instagram has gone through quite an evolution from a photo sharing app to a platform where videos created on Instagram Reels provide an opportunity to be seen by viewers well beyond your followers and Instagram Stories allow you to get a bit more personal with your most loyal followers.

Stories are found along the top of your feed and are accessed by tapping on the circles where the content only lives for 24 hours before disappearing.  Some stories can be saved a highlights which are found on your profile between your bio and your thumbnails.

In this video below, you’ll find a collection of tutorials all focused on the Instagram Story, starting with an introduction to Instagram, followed by several short tutorials which are 60-seconds each and appear in this order:


How to Share to your Story

Add music to your Story

Using the Story to create graphics

Add clickable links to your Story

Tag someone invisibly on your Story

Using a creative layout feature

Customizing the background color of your Story

Share Stories to Close Friends only!

What type of content do you post on your Instagram Story? Let us know in the comments.




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