How to Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a relatively new way to create short, entertaining videos on Instagram. Similar to TikTok, it’s a great way to build up an audience on multiple platforms. You can record and edit short multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools, which you can share on Reels with your followers and the wider Instagram community on Explore.

I created this How-To Instagram Reels guide to help anyone get started. Please view the videos below and let me know your thoughts! And if you have a specific tutorial you’d like me to do, let me know in the Socialize Forum!

Why Post Reels?

It’s a great way to expose the great content you are creating to a larger audience. If you’ve ever seen a short video from someone you don’t follow, it’s because it was featured on the Explore tab.

Getting Started

Now that we’ve established why Reels is so great, here’s how you get started. Pick music that evokes the right mood and select the photos or short clips you want to add to your first Reel!

How to Edit in Reels

Editing a Reel is simple. Find the clips you like and use the slider to find the most meaningful or exciting moment in the clip to combine multiple videos into one awesome story.

How to Add Text in Reels

Some Reels benefit from added text to help tell the story. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do this!

How to Add Captions to Reels

It’s also so easy to add captions so people who have trouble hearing can follow along as well.

How to Add Stickers to Reels

And, finally, you can add stickers to turn your Reel into a full experience.

Now, you should have the tools to start making your own Reels. If you create your first Reel thanks to these videos, let me know by tagging me or sharing it here.  Good luck!

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