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How to Create an Overlay (Picture-in-Picture) in TikTok

Picture-in-picture – it’s not just for TVs anymore! You may have seen some of your favorite TikTok creators using picture-in-picture to make interesting videos. Well, you can use this new tool as well to create unique and creative videos for your channel.

The possibilities are endless:

  • It’s great for tutorials. Comment on a creative old video to explain how you did it

  • You can update commentary on a previous video by having the original video in the corner

  • You can pretend to do a TV news broadcast where you’re commenting on the smaller video

  • You can record something completely different compared to the smaller video, drawing a funny contrast in styles.

That is just scratching the surface of what you can do with this great functionality. But how do you do it?

For those of you who have the Studio feature, you can create Picture-in-Picture videos directly in TikTok. If you don’t, you can use the editing software CapCut, which we’ve discussed in a previous tutorial.

Here’s how you do it (using Studio):

  1. Pick a video you want to be the dominant video

  2. Find the studio button and click overlay

  3. Select the video you will be overlaying over the dominant video

  4. Shrink the size of the overlaid video and maneuver it to a position where it won’t block captions or the text that accompanies a TikTok

  5. Minimize the overlay video (to about 7% or so) so you can faintly hear it, but it doesn’t obscure the main video audio

  6. Decide how long and when you want the smaller video to show up. You can do this by manipulating the slider

  7. When you’re happy with it, click save, and post when you’re ready

Enjoy! Let me know what picture-in-picture TikToks you created in the comments below or in our community forums.