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Here’s How to Improve Your Green Screen Videos

Using “green screen” technology is every TikTokers secret weapon.

Using “green screen” technology is every TikTokers secret weapon. While obviously not exactly a green screen, he functionality gives you so many different ways to express yourself, whether you want to be dramatic, funny, or share some important details or information. Yet, I get so many people asking me why their green screen videos don’t look as professional or polished as the ones they see others do. So that’s why I did this tutorial – to give you specific tips on how to improve the quality of videos when you want to use a background, like this one:

If you remember anything, remember this: you are asking the technology to separate you from the background you are recording on so it can then superimpose you on the background you choose. Therefore, the more you make it clear to TikTok’s technology your exact shape, the better the green screen experience will be.

  1. Pay attention to how you’re dressed. As you can see in my tutorial above, I am clad head-to-toe in black (including a hat). I know this may be a sacrifice for those of you who like wearing colorful things, but maybe save that outfit for another video without a secondary background.

  2. Position yourself in front of a contrasting solid color wall. You know, like a green screen. If you wear black, it means you’ll likely have success with any number of lightly colored walls.

  3. Realize that you will not be able to exactly see the background when you’re recording your video, so take some time to think about your body placement and what you should be doing. That way, you minimize the number of times you’ll have to reshoot.

  4. Grab the template you want to use (if you’re using a template). That’s where the magic happens: the type of templates like the one shown at the top of this tutorial will automatically try to remove you from the background in the video you just recorded and superimpose you in front of the template background. It may take a couple of recordings to get it right; but once you do, you’ll have the confidence to do more.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy. Tag me any time you do a green screen template, so I can give you a like!