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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Reels

The next new thing in social media is Facebook Reels, which is quickly becoming a huge opportunity for creators and small businesses looking to get more engagement on their posts.

Even if you’re already posting content to Facebook or Facebook Stories, you’re mostly reaching your friends and followers unless someone shares it. Facebook Reels provides the opportunity for your content to reach many more outside of your immediate circle. It’s well worth investing some time there.

If you are already using Instagram Reels, you’ll find some similarities and a lot of differences, so it’s important to watch the below tutorial so you don’t get stuck.

Most importantly, you need to learn how to edit videos. Check out the tutorial below to get the key steps.

Setting the text duration on your titles in Facebook Reels is a little hard to find, but here’s how to do it!

Avoid this simple mistake which will cause your video to be cut off before it gets to the end!

I wanted to give you the opportunity to get ahead of the curve to provide the best chance at success and build up an audience before everyone moves their content there. Let me know in the comments how you like it and feel free to ask any questions.