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Duet Updates / Tutorial for TikTok

Did you know that you can now use a pre-recorded video when you do a TikTok duet?

Did you know that you can now use a pre-recorded video when you do a TikTok duet? This feature appeared for some creators about a month ago and it finally showed up for me! Check out my tutorial video demonstrating the feature and this lesson covers all the aspects of doing a duet.

Steps for Creating a Duet:

  1. Select the video you want to create a duet. Click the arrow or 3 dots and scroll along the bottom to find the duet option. Some creators disable this option, but most have it available.This will put you right next to the video. You can switch the position by tapping up the icon on the upper right to swap sides.

  2. You can tap through the layout options which are found below the video. If you don’t see the layout option there look along the right side. You can then choose to be above or below the video.

  3. The picture-in-picture option places the video in a smaller overlay so you can be larger in frame reacting to the video.

  4. The green screen layout allows you to appear in front of the video to create your duet.

  5. Don’t forget if you want to speak during a duet you have to enable the microphone. Tap on the microphone icon on the right to enable the sound. Be sure to use headphones when you’re recording a duet. Without them, the sound from the speaker on your phone will create an echo which is not pleasing to the viewer.

  6. Tapping the box to the right of the record button allows you to choose a video from your phone. This allows you to upload a video, rather than record live. With this option, you can record your duet video ahead of time. You can also edit it prior to uploading.

  7. You can create a pre-recorded video at the same length as the original so that your duet matches in length.

Why is this new feature helpful?

The new upload feature is really useful because TikTok doesn’t allow you to edit a duet when you record it live in the app. Pre-recording allows you to record and edit ahead of time and then upload it as one complete piece. Here’s an example where the pre-record option would come in handy. A creator may do specific moves or transitions and you may want to match it exactly in your duet. It is much easier to create your transition video and then upload it side by side with the original creator. Before I had the upload feature, I used CapCut to create the duet as shown HERE.

You can see how the upload option would have been very helpful for that trend!

Unfortunately this option is not yet available with a TikTok Stitch, but my guess is that feature will be releasing soon enough, so keep an eye out for that!

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