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Cool Negative Effect Transitions on TikTok

This one is a lot of fun – it’s so negative, it’s positive! Of course, I’m talking about the red negative Effect you may have seen around TikTok. The actual name for the Effect is Red Pink Th3rmal. Some have used it for the “silhouette challenge” as I bravely show in the video below. There are a lot of great songs to choose from to set the transition and so many fun ways to use it once you learn how.

Which, of course, I will show you below!

Important note: you’ll want to wear something dark as the negative reverses colors. So what you’re wearing will show up white.

Also, you’ll want to use a tripod or another method to keep the camera still during filming. 

First, find the Effect if you haven’t used it before: again it’s Red Pink Th3rmal.

Then select your music.

If you want to use the Effect for a transition, you should turn the Effect off for the first part of filming. Film as normal.

Then select the Effect and film a short scene where the colors will reverse. Remember to start with the pose you ended the first scene with (i.e., have your body in the same location with arms and head in the same position).

Then turn the Effect off and film the remainder as normal. It’s that easy.

If you needed to edit any scene in the video, remember that TikTok will add a black screen at the end to let the audio play out. So to avoid that, make sure to trim the end of the audio so the video and audio end at the same time.

That’s it.

Hope you have a lot of fun with this. If you film a TikTok using the Effect, let me know in the comments.