Clothing Rip Transition

Doing a simple clothing rip transition can look really impressive on social media.

Doing a simple clothing rip transition can look really impressive on social media. It quite simply takes you to ‘advanced status’ if done correctly and can make you look more skilled than you might actually be in terms of content creation. Here’s how I did it and I shared this same piece of content on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube all with different messaging! That’s a little tip for re-purposing your content across multiple channels.

If you want to try an outfit transition, this clothing rip transition is one of the most fun and dare I say “easy” if you follow the tutorial below. Before you dive it, let me review a few very important things to keep in mind about transitions in general.

Helpful Tips for Transitions:
  • Make sure your camera does not move for the entire process – a tripod is helpful.

  • It is also nice if you’re lighting doesn’t change, although some transitions might require a lighting change – that is a different tutorial than the one provided here.

  • Keep your feet planted in the same spot! If you can’t make your outfit change easily, mark the floor with some tape so you get back to the same spot.

  • Have your outfit change planned and nearby so you don’t stress out.

  • The key to a smooth transition is doing the same action fully in both shots and then making a smooth edit between the two shots.

  • The transition gets perfected with editing, by adjusting the cut so it happens right in the middle of the action.

  • Note that many people don’t get it quite right which causes a double action, and takes away the magic of the transition.

  • This effect can be done easily right in the social media platform of choice.

Here’s the tutorial if you want to film in Tiktok:

Here’s the tutorial if you want to film in Instagram:

One thing I love to see if someone who feels slightly intimidated, but takes the leap to give it a try! We all start at the beginning so you are not the only beginner on social media. Be bold, try a clothing rip transition and you might surprise yourself! You can alway delete it if you’re not happy, but you won’t know until you try!

We are here to help give you confidence, so if you’re not quite ready, check out our FREE WORKSHOPS and you’ll soon gain the confidence you need to just POST IT!

Happy creating!


Helen aka @themuthership

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