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Changing the Default Camera Mode on an iPhone

Have you ever come across the perfect opportunity for a photo or video but spent too much time fumbling around with the setting to get the right vantage for the iPhone camera?

This is a simple, but important one for people who shot a lot of videos or take a lot of photos. And if you’re on Socalize, I assume that means you!

Did you know you can set a default view for your camera, so when you’re taking videos or photos, you don’t need to scroll through different options? This will help you save time and always get the camera model you use most frequently. It’s such a big timesaver that I created a tutorial to explain how to do it.

I’m an iPhone user, so the tutorial below is for iPhones. But if you’re an Android user, it should be quite similar. Here’s a recent TikTok I filmed that visually shows you how to change the settings.

For the iPhone

  • Find the settings app and then scroll to find the camera settings

  • Click “preserve settings” in the camera settings list

  • Then go to your camera app and pick the vantage you want to be the default

  • The next time you click on the camera, it will default to the vantage you chose.

It’s incredibly helpful for creators who take the same type of photos or videos consistently. And if you need a different mode, you can just go to the iPhone camera like you always do and switch. But this way, it stops you from having to do that every time you need to take a photo or video if you use one setting much more than others.

Never miss a great photo or video again because you’re scrolling through multiple options. What camera setting will you choose and why? Let me know in the comments!