CapCut Split Screen Feature

The CapCut Split Screen feature is useful for many types of content.

The CapCut Split Screen feature is useful for many types of content. Whether you want to talk to yourself in the mirror, dance with yourself in the kitchen or create a side by side video without using the duet feature on TikTok or Instagram, this features is a great one to master.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

The emotional trend of singing to yourself in the mirror was started by creator Brittany Jade. The trend uses the song “Try” by Colbie Caillat and when I tried my hand at this trend while trying on wigs during my cancer journey, I could not get through the lip sync part without crying though I tried several times. Get your tissues ready if you decide to view my version of the trend.

Here are som tips for creating a seamless split screen:

  • Use a tripod or position your phone/camera so it does not move while recording both parts of the video. This ensures that the room elements are consistent in the background of your video.

  • Try to record one part right after the next so that the light in the room doesn’t change.

  • Keep the camera rolling the whole time because tapping your phone to stop/start recording tends to move the phone the slightest bit and can really affect the outcome.

  • If you are lip syncing, play the music on a separate device so you don’t have to record in TikTok which adds another step of screen recording. This also can cause your phone to move and make things less magical.

Split Screen Tutorial

In the video below, I demonstrate how to do it step by step in CapCut:

CapCut Split Screen can be so much fun!

Being side by side with yourself in a video allows for lots of creativity and and is so easily done with the CapCut Split Screen feature. Learning how to ‘mask’ opens up a world of possibilities if you are finding yourself bored with a simple duet.

Edit Apps are truly amazing!

CapCut and other edit apps make it possible to achieve special effects that used to be extremely time-consuming in the world of production! It’s always amazing to me how easily these formerly complex production tricks can be achieved now with free apps. Another one of my favorites is the chroma key feature on CapCut which I demonstrate in this tutorial!

There is so much to learn and I get so excited to teach it all! For more help with content creations, check out my FREE workshops! And I’m so thrilled to be able to offer PERSONALIZED premium workshops where we provide an audit of YOUR account and a small group zoom session. We invite you to turn your camera on and receive feedback in person with plenty of time to ask questions!

Have fun and happy creating!

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