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7 Tips for Doing Lip Sync Videos

The concept of “Lip Sync” has been around for a long time in different forms.

On some occasions, musical performers need to lip sync at venues, such as parades, where the sound acoustics do not allow for a good quality live performance.  And often during the filming of a movie, show or commercial, when the sound quality is not optimal during the original filming, the actors may be brought back in to a studio to over-dub the lines using the technique of lip syncing.  Jimmy Fallon has been doing lip sync competitions with his guests on the Tonight Show.

But with the rise in the number of creators doing lip sync trends on social media, a technique that has been around for ages has now become widely popular.  Many creators have become well-known for doing lip sync performances on TikTok, Instagram and other social media content creation apps.

Here’s a fun example of a great lip sync execution performed by @claudiaravoli on TikTok

If you’re interested in giving lip sync a try, it takes practice.

Here are 7 tips for doing really good lip sync videos. 

1 – Practice OUT LOUD because you’ll be better able to hear if you are in perfect sync. When you hear your voice out loud with the original audio, it becomes very obvious when one word is off and you’ll get better and better as you practice.

2 – Write down the words!  It helps if you can read it a few times while practicing so you don’t miss any words. Some of us are visual learners, so taking pen to paper can be a great way to memorize the lines.

3 – Rehearse in short digestible segments by doing the first phrase until it’s perfect, then adding the second phrase, doing both together until perfect, then add the third phrase and so on.  This technique is demonstrated in this Tiktok tutorial!

4 – If you need to use headphones, make sure they are WIRED HEADPHONES because Bluetooth tends to put your lips slightly out of sync

5 – In TikTok, you can press 2x or 3x to record in slow motion which some might find helpful, but when the video is played back in real time, it gives a less smooth look to the video which may not be preferred.

6 – Use the timer in the apps which will allow you to record in segments, but make sure you choose the segments wisely so you can come in strong on a solid word to maintain good lip sync. Here is a tutorial demonstrating a lip sync using the timer.

7 – Record OUT LOUD because the when the sound is playing in whatever app you’re recording, the sound of your voice will not be recorded.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but speaking out loud will make your lip sync more realistic.  It will overall help your performance as well.

Enjoy a few fun lip sync trends from some of our favorite creators!

Take the leap and try out a lip sync! It’s a fun way to step outside your comfort zone and channel the performer hidden inside!



Helen Polise is the CEO and founder of Socialize and the owner and director of a production company that creates content for TV commercials and digital advertising for well-known brands including Blistex, Sensodyne, NFL Alumni, Odor Eaters, and more. You can say hello to her on TikTok as @themuthership where she has attracted 560k+ followers and over 3 million “likes” from people across the age spectrum by providing instructional content.